This project is an orchestra workshop at the RadiconventoMusica school in Radicondoli.


In 2017, collaboration with the Livornese Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicale P. Mascagni (P. Mascagni Higher Institute of Musical Studies) ended and the RadiconventOrchestra was born, taking the place of the RadicondoLivornOrchestra. Participation in this orchestra is open not only to students attending the RadiconventoMusica music school, but also to those attending the Molazzana music school and young musicians ranging in age from 13 to 20 who attend other music schools in Tuscany.

Each year the orchestra members spend a week in Siusi, in Alto Adige, devoting themselves to intensive rehearsals. The new repertoire is presented during a final concert in Siusi and Radicondoli. The orchestra, guided by teachers from the RadiconventoMusica music school, is an opportunity for students to meet, exchange and work with other young musicians in order to form a group that can play without an orchestra leader.


OCRA, Orchestra da Camera di Radicondoli 

(The Radicondoli Chamber Orchestra)

OCRA – or “ARCO”, read backwards - is a new orchestra that has its origins in the Radicondoli music school.

This string orchestra emerged spontaneously thanks to the initiative of 10 ex-students of the music school, ranging in age from 16 to 23. They manage every aspect of the orchestra independently (choice of repertoire, rehearsals and concerts).

The ensemble has set itself the goal of creating fixed cultural events throughout the year, in order to attract music fans and also promote the territory.

The group plays without an orchestra leader; this choice reflects the spirit of the school, where reciprocal listening and personal responsibility lie at the foundations of any successful collective performance.




2018, 31 August concert in Siusi, 30 September in Radicondoli

2019, 30 August concert in Siusi, 29 September in Radicondoli

2020, 28 August concert in Siusi, 28 September in Radicondoli



Concerts in 2019

17 November : Teatro dei Risorti, Radicondoli (during the Christmas Market event)

22 December : Christmas Concert, Chiesa della Collegiata, Radicondoli