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Escuela de Musica y Arte del Chaco

When the old Mission Santa Rosa was founded in the community of Santa Rosa Guaraní, Bolivia, it hosted a school for music and local textile work.
In 2007, Padre Tarcisio, a Franciscan monk, and artist Mimmo Roselli founded the Art and Music School in three communities located in the territory of the Guaraní people (Ipitacito del Monte, Palmarito and Santa Rosa).
From the beginning, the aim of the Chaco Art and Music School was to rebuild the old Mission while maintaining its purpose as an elementary and secondary school.

Today, the school strives to teach Baroque music as a tool for rediscovering traditions, confirming one's cultural identity, and supporting the integration of young Guaraní into the contemporary world.


Creation and development of a Baroque youth choir; instruction in playing string instruments and the recorder.

The Community of Santa Rosa boasts fifteen violinists and two cellists. Since these instruments are not part of the traditional music of the Guaraní, classical instruction methods are employed. Instrumental music workshops are held Monday through Friday and last an hour.




The choir has thirty-five members: eighteen boys and seventeen girls. They are all Guaraní and hail from the communities of Santa Rosa de Cuevo, Palmarito, and Ipitacito del Monte, completely isolated socio-geographic areas in the department of Chuquisaca, Bolivia.

The choir members attend the elementary and middle schools in their community and their families have little access to economic resources.

Taking part in the choir and the related activities strengthens the self-esteem of these children and allows them to travel beyond their communities, experiencing different places and cultures. This creates the foundations for organising their communities of origin in a way that looks to the future while honouring tradition.



Further information

In 2012 the Guaraní Art and Music School of Palmarito received its first invitation to participate in the ninth International Festival of Baroque Music in Chiquitania; in 2014 the choir was officially invited to the world debut of Guaraní singers, joining the Arakaendar choir of Bolivia and the professional orchestra of Norway.

The Aim

The project aims to foster an interest in reclaiming and renewing the social and artistic values of this indigenous community through studying and making music, thus strengthening the intra-cultural identity of the Guaraní and creating an intercultural identity.

It seeks to offer participants practical and theoretical training in music, enabling them to develop their creative, interpretive, and reflective skills.


Places & Dates

Bolivia, from 2014 to 2018

music lessons during the school year

participation in “Misiones de Chiquitos” Baroque Festival editions

Concert tours in the areas  of Palmarito, Santa Rosa de Cuevo, Ipitacito del Monte, and Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Camiri).