Haus der Volksmusik

The House of Folk Music was founded in 2006 and serves as an authority on all matters relating to folk music in Switzerland. It supports and fosters the vitality of folk music in its regional and stylistic forms through the activities it organises as well as long-term cooperative projects and musical exchanges in both the Alpine areas and abroad.


Folk music week for children aged 7-11.

Semaine de stage Haus der Volksmusik - 2016

The camp aims to instil in children the joy of making music. Children's individual needs are addressed during lessons, whilst in the group classes they learn to listen to and interact with one another.

The daily programme includes group and/or individual instrument lessons, singing, and dancing. Recreational activities are also organised so that the children can socialise in their free time.

The Aim

To instil in children and teens the joy of making music together.

Places & Dates

Folk music week for children and young musicians

Isenthal, Uri – Switzerland

2016, 24-28 July

2018, 15-28 July

2019, 14-19 July (12-20 years old) and 22-26 July (7-11 years old)

2020, 12-17 July in Giswill (12-20 years old) and 19-24 July (7-11 years old)