I Salonisti

The I Salonisti ensemble has been performing its diverse repertoire in concerts and at chamber music series, festivals, gala events, and celebrations since 1981. Over the last year, the quintet has performed a variety of compositions from different musical genres. Its repertoire ranges from rarely heard pieces by great masters, to famous compositions performed with a twist, unusual folk music melodies, and peculiar themes expressed through music.


'als ob…' ('As if...'): Music in Theresienstadt

Als-ob... - I Salonisti - 2016


This performance focuses on a piece composed and played in Theresienstadt which bears witness to the vitality of the rich, versatile musical life in the concentration camp: light, nostalgic tunes; jazz vocals from the New World; and contemplative, otherworldly melodies. The arias and piano and orchestral pieces which I Salonisti chose for 'als ob...' were adapted by various arrangers.

The aim of ''als ob...' is not to reawaken emotion, cast light into the depths of the human soul, or give a history lesson. It is simply about music which has been vastly important to humankind over the centuries. The performers consider themselves first and foremost participants and communicators.

The Aim

'Als ob...', inspired by the novel Gerron by Charles Lewinsky, seeks to convey the message that making art can be indispensable to life and give it meaning.

Places & Dates

March 2015 PROGR Bern

June 16-17, Große Halle: Reitschule Bern – 3 shows primarily for middle school classes

June 21, Schloss Thun