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I Suonatori del Granduca

The aim is to foster the public's appreciation and understanding of musical aesthetics and Baroque music.
The association "I Suonatori del Granduca" seeks to stimulate an interest in Baroque music amongst students and teachers in music schools and lead them along a path of continuous learning and activities.


Canto Fiorito is a project centring on music and education which lasts three years:

- organising interdisciplinary Baroque Arts Weeks

- founding of the Paparciai Choir


Canto Fiorito Music class
Music class


The project involves local communities, orphanages, the Paparciai village schools, and art schools in the area.

Children and teens are guided in creating pieces that draw on Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. Educating them towards a multidisciplinary approach has proven to significantly stimulate their interests and to help improve their quality of life in a situation of economic isolation, as in the province of Paparciai.

The project is residential and is hosted in the village of Paparciai, where the community is very active and culture-oriented, having founded the annual "Paparciai Festival of Baroque Culture".

The Aim

The Canto Fiorito project addresses the provincial communities of  Lithuania, where children and teenagers have no access to musical education.

Places & Dates

Paparciai, from 2016 to 2018

August,  Interdisciplinary Baroque Arts Week

October,  Concert: "Canto Fiorito & Paparciai Choir"