Jeunesses Musicales Suisse

Every year, the fifteen members of the Jeunesses Musicales International engage in a variety of activities: concerts, orchestral stages, theatre and music workshops and competitions.
All these activities are based primarily on classical music, although some turn to jazz, improvisation and contemporary music.
As a member of JMI, JMS takes part in projects proposed by their counterparts abroad, enabling participants to create connections beyond borders.
Jeunesses Musicales Suisse works to support youth and music throughout Switzerland.


Orchestra apprenticeship for children and teens

Stage d'orchestre JMS - 2016


Created in 1990, this internship offers the possibility for young musicians to work on a symphonic program together. Each year an instrument is showcased, or the group explores one of the many different types of music found in Europe, and throughout the world.

By offering a classical repertoire that fits the abilities of youth between the ages of 8 and 15, the program aims to introduce young people to playing in a symphony orchestra.

The learning sessions are complemented by recreational activities, sports and workshops during the afternoon and evening.  

At the end of the internship, the orchestra will perform the repertoire they have studied as a grand finale concert.

The Aim

While in the apprenticeship, children and teens have the opportunity to open up to a new musical universe and make contact with professional musicians.

Places & Dates

Orchestra musical camp in Charmey, Switzerland

Balkan music: 19-30 July 2016

The cello: 18-29 July 2017

The trumpet: 24 July - 4 August 2018

The oboe: 22 July - 3 August 2019

30 years of JMS: 27 July - 1 August 2020