Music & Society

Le Collectif barbare

“Le Collectif barbare” was founded in 2006 and consists of a group of professional musicians, performers, and Multimedia artists who come from the Bern, Zurich, Aargau, Vaud, and Basel cantons.
“Le Collectif barbare” defines itself as an ensemble whose projects are focused on New Music Theatre (Neue Musiktheater), performances, productions, and installations.
At the same time, since 2005 it has also been creating hands-on projects with youth and other non-professional artists in the scene.
At the heart of their work lies a reflection on the human condition; every project explores issues regarding the structure and functioning of a society, and the people who are part of it.


Music Theatre Performance 


The music theatre project “The Winter Voyage” (Winterreise) is based on the music of F. Schubert, with the contributions of the Aarau youth orchestra and JOF.

It is organized in collaboration with the Erythrea meeting hub, and the performance is run entirely by the youth. 

The Aim

To collaborate with young musicians in order to integrate different cultures and groups through discussions linked to the roles that are interpreted and played in the chosen pieces.  

Places & Dates

Aarau,  Switzerland; 15-23 February 2019