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Orchestre Juventutti

Founded in Geneva in May 2017, Orchestre Juventutti arose out of a wish to start a symphonic orchestra that was not only fully run by young people between the ages of 18 and 25, but also conducted by two young people: Amanda Nasution and Benoît Durand. The Orchestra is made up of 45 musician friends who are currently enrolled in their last years at Geneva's Conservatories and who intend to continue their studies at a professional level in higher education.


Free concerts open to the public.

Juventutti Orchestre - Volpe Photography
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Orchestre Juventutti enables musicians to share meaningful experiences that foster the players' growth by giving them the chance to play with other, more practised musicians. The educational aspect of the experience is made complete by rotating the orchestra conductors, which enables the most gifted musicians to experience this role. The programme ranges from Baroque pieces through Swiss works, and the selection process is widely shared among the musicians.

The orchestra is independent from any other institution and offers its concerts free of charge.


Prix Public  The orchestra received this award during the “Prix Jeunesse Genève” Competition on 18 April 2019. The award is a testimony to how the public following the orchestra has grown and supported its efforts. 

The China Tour  7 consecutive concerts held in seven different cities. Juventutti accepts the role of Swiss ambassador of classical music and plays for 1,500 people, demonstrating the musical talent that is expected from a Swiss ensemble.

The Aim

The orchestra seeks to allow its participants to discover and experience the complex reality of a symphonic orchestra, and above all to create a joyful community atmosphere through playing music together.

It also aims to serve as an ambassador among young people, striving to challenge deep-seated assumptions around classical music and its typical audience.

Places & Dates

8 October 2017, Salle Frank Martin (concert hall), Geneva

10-11 March 2018, Salle Frank-Martin (concert hall), Geneva

23 June 2018, Fête de la Musique, Saint Pierre Cathedral, Geneva 

1-2 November 2018, Salle Frank-Martin (concert hall), Geneva

28 December-3 January 2019, The China Tour

30-31 March 2019, Salle Frank-Martin (concert hall), Geneva

6 March 2020, Victoria Hall, Geneva