Orchestre Quipasseparlà

Created in Lausanne in 2009, the orchestra consists of 60 young musicians hailing primarily from the Lausanne area, but also from the Geneva, Fribourg, and Neuchâtel cantons.
The level of the musicians varies, ranging from advanced amateur musicians to students attending secondary or professional schools.
The orchestra is run entirely by the musicians themselves, and aims to attract audiences that don’t usually attend “classic” music concerts.
All the concerts are free of charge.


2 rehearsals a month 

3 concerts a year

1 tour




The orchestra’s 2019 season was a big hit thanks to a one-of-a-kind concert in which the orchestra debuted their first work: “La leggenda del castello di Chillon” (The Legend of the Chillon Castle), a project that lies outside the box of typical musical repertoires.

This year, to celebrate its 10thanniversary, the orchestra is promoting a season of free, exceptional concerts in Lausanne which highlight two extraordinary young talents: violinist Samuel Hirsch, and conductor Théo Schmitt. 

Quipasseparlà will then depart for a tour organized in Hungary.

The Aim

To convey enthusiasm and an appreciation for classic music to a broader audience, and call attention to the musical works of young composers. 

Places & Dates

Lausanne, Switzerland: Salle Pederewski - 4-5-7 June 2019

Hungary – July 2019