In order to be considered, projects must fundamentally relate to classical music and have a positive impact on socio-economically disadvantaged communities.

Preference will be given to projects based on innovative educational methods and techniques, with the exception of any applications relating to scholarships or projects of a private or commercial nature proposed by individuals and/or businesses.

The donations awarded must be used exclusively for the purposes set out in the funding application.

General terms and conditions

The project must correspond to the criteria specified below and the application must contain all the necessary practical information, specifying the dates, performance locations, programme, participants, etc.

The funding application must be sent at least six months prior to the start of the project using the appropriate form (type A, B, or C), completed in all its parts and sent exclusively by post to the following address:

Ms Regina Jenni

Dulcimer Fondation pour la Musique

Postafch 4,

CH-3144 Gasel

The application packet must include a covering letter, a brief description of the project, and a budget; the person in charge of the project must also be clearly indicated.

Responses from the Foundation

The Foundation does not confirm receipt of applications.

In considering applications, the Foundation is entirely independent and makes decisions at its own sole discretion. Applicants will be notified of the Foundation's decision in due course.



Choosing the application form for your project

Please read the Applicant Declaration and Conditions for Using Allocated Funds carefully before submitting your funding application.

The final report must address the objectives formulated in advance of the project and contain information on its results and their evaluation.

Typology A 

project requesting funding of less than CHF 10'000 and of a duration of less than six months.

Typology B

project requesting funding of less than CHF 10'000 and/or of a duration of more than six months.

Typology C

project requesting funding of over CHF 10'000 and of a duration of more than six months.