Musikschule Oberland Ost

The cultural and educational mission of Switzerland’s Musikschule Oberland Ost (East Oberland Music School) is focused on the future and what’s to come.
Music education is perceived as a way to fully develop an individual’s personality, and should occupy the same place as other educational subjects.
Additionally, cultural exchange helps create unity in our society, fostering social connections.
Forty teachers, all professional musicians, teach about 550 students, including young children, older kids, and adults.


Projects in schools 

1 End of Year Performance 


“Der verlorene Schuh” is a music theatre piece written and set to music by the M.S.O. theatre group, together with students attending the music school.

Students ranging in age from 8 to 14 participate as members of the orchestra or actors. Everyone is involved in making the scenery.

The Aim

To acquire and improve music and social skills through interacting with one another. 

Places & Dates

Interlaken, Switzerland 

18-25 March, 2018

22-29 March, 2019