La Boîte à musique

Founded in 2017 by Michela Scali and Regula Barnath, La boîte à musique proposes and runs chamber music camps in the Basel region.


Chamber music camps 

2 concerts

jeunes avec des instruments


Organization of a chamber music camp for young children and older kids, followed by an intensive weekend session and two concerts, at Montfaucon and Basel.

About 23 participants, who are followed by 4 teachers. 

Personal development and becoming part of a music ensemble are reached through hard work and intensive study, along with practicing the musical selections that are chosen to play during the camp. 

The Aim

The objective of the camp is for everyone to have a chance to play chamber music. Through the process of becoming part of a group, participants gain and improve their musical and social skills. 

Places & Dates

Switzerland, Les Mottes - Music Camp

29 May – 2 June 2019


2019 Saturday 1 June, Montfaucon

2019 Sunday 2 June, Basel