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Astrolabio Association

The Associazione Astrolabio promotes cultural experiences in the social/healthcare field, supporting children and teenagers with general developmental disorders and other disabilities by offering them a place to meet, grow, and learn.
The uniqueness of the association lies in its creative approach to therapy in natural situations, where play creates a space for getting to know one other and themselves, a safe space where friendships are forged and strengthened while honouring the children's diversity.


The Music Workshop aims to create an expressive, free, and personalised space for older teens, where the pleasure of making music together is the primary requisite.


Astrolabio orchestra in Concert - 2016
Concert de l'Orchestre Astrolabio au Théâtre "Maggio Fiorentino" - 2016


During the Music Workshop, the many educational and communicative capacities that music offers are harnessed so that people who have disabilities can form relationships. The teaching method is unique, in that the music lessons are very similar to those that are normally offered to students without disabilities, and the music therapy models used for specific disabilities are not implemented.

The main instrument is the piano, which is used as a harmonious and melodic sound base that allows all instruments to be imitated. The chosen didactic method is for the students to learn the music by heart rather than reading it, as the work is based on listening. 

During the lessons, any personal and spontaneous input from the kids participating in the orchestra is welcomed and accepted.

An improvement in the participants' autonomy and self-esteem can clearly be seen by everyone involved; for example, they gain more tolerance in handling frustrations as well as a more dynamic ability to manage relationships and new situations.

The orchestra is composed of 34 students, and performs in concerts held at the Conservatorio Cherubini (Cherubini Conservatory) in Florence every year, as well as in a variety of other musical contexts, including collaborations with other youth orchestras. 

The Aim

To promote personal autonomy in children and teens with disabilities and those on the autism spectrum by improving their socialization and integration and stimulating their creativity.

Participating in an orchestra is a musical event whose intrinsic language allows a person to listen to him or herself, while also listening to others.

Places & Dates

Concerts at the Conservatorio Cherubini, Florence

2017, 5 June

2018, 4 June

2019, 1 June

Concerts at the Teatro dell'Opera, Florence 

2017, 21 December
2018, 23 December
2019, 22 December

Special Events

2017, 5 May – GEF, Sanremo

2019, 1 December – concert held in the council chambers of the Scandicci Town Hall