Music School Radiconvento Musica

For over fifteen years, the RadiconventoMusica school has been the flagship project of the Dulcimer Fondation pour la Musique.
The music courses held at the former Convento dell’Osservanza are primarily oriented towards children and teenagers living in Radicondoli who would like to learn how to play a musical instrument.
The teaching staff comprises about a dozen musicians, while other staff organize the extracurricular activities offered to students (canteen, afterschool programme, mime and acrobatics activities, painting, handicrafts).
The school's instructors also teach a weekly music workshop held at the local preschool. Primary school children from Radicondoli can take part in choir activities one afternoon a week.

The polyphonic choir for adults RadiconventoCoro has been singing for many years and often performs in concerts.


Music and instrument instruction, rhythm, music theory, ensembles, orchestra


Summer Music Weeks

Orchestra Workshop: RadicondoLivornOrchestra

ABRSM Centre





The instruction follows special pedagogical and educational principles that draw on the students' needs and backgrounds.

The teaching method is grounded in the joy of playing musical instruments and making music with and for others. Interacting with peers, playing together and listening to one another provide students with motivation for studying an instrument and an incentive to constantly improve their technical and musical skills.

Children usually choose an instrument (violin, cello, clarinet, flute, or piano) at the age of six. There is no selection process at the time of enrolment. From the beginning of the course, instrument lessons are supported by studying rhythm and playing in an ensemble.

There are various ensembles that students can join depending on the level they have achieved in their studies.

On school days, many students spend the afternoon in the convent's halls and garden. This extra time helps to make music an integral part of each student's daily life and also allows students to sit in on their peers' lessons. In the afternoons, children have the opportunity to take arts courses such as painting or movement and theatre, choosing from a wide range of expressive arts that can contrast with and be integrated into their music studies.

The end of year concerts reflect this integration among the arts.

The Aim

Music instruction can prove to be an indispensable tool for personal development. Learning to play a musical instrument trains us to listen to ourselves and to others, and helps us build character while honouring those around us.

Of crucial importance to this educational concept is the principle that music instruction must be accessible, economically and otherwise, to all those who seek it.

Playing in an ensemble fulfils a primary role, and students experience this in different ways starting in the first year of instruction.

The aim of the project is to experiment with this model of music school, assess its effects on individuals and the community over time, and promote its principles.

Places & Dates


Convento dell'Osservanza

Year 2017

11 March - Winter Concert performed by the students of Convento dell'Osservanza, Radicondoli

Intensive courses at Convento dell'Osservanza:

20-21 May - Musical BBQ

12-23 June - Final courses

23 June - End of Year Concert 

Musical holidays

26 August - 2 September, Alto Adige Südtirol


8 October 2016, Church of La Collegiata - Radicondoli

14 October 2016, All Saints' Anglican Church, Rome