The Calicantus singing school

The Calicantus choir has been active in Switzerland and internationally for some twenty years, both educationally and artistically. Its aims are to teach singing to the younger generations and organise cultural exchanges with choirs from all over the world.
Since the 1990s, in addition to its well-regarded technical achievements and wonderful sound, Calicantus has been a beacon, a lone voice bringing to Switzerland the charm of a specialist, little-known repertoire which ranges from Renaissance music to international folk, ethnic music, jazz, and pop.


Choral project: Calicantus - 150 children and teens aged 5 -15.

Calicantus is a special music school which has been operating in the Ticino valley for twenty years.


Calicantus & Little singers of Armenia, Ascona 2016
Calicantus & Little singers of Armenia, Ascona 2016


Any child wanting to learn music is welcomed at the singing school without distinction, selection, or auditions.

The choir provides a wonderful support to children in difficult situations or social hardship and fosters socialisation, among even the youngest four- and five-year-olds.

Calicantus fulfils its educational mission by promoting cultural exchanges, taking part in festivals of all kinds, and seeking to develop a consistent, holistic approach to music.

The Aim

The school is committed to upholding its values: collaborating towards a common goal, sharing, giving, and mutual respect.

In this sense, the singing school, particularly the Calicantus project, has been working for decades to provide an important service to the local community.

Places & Dates

24-28 September 2015: Rimini International Choir competition.

29 March 2016 Concert at San Francesco church, Città di Castello-Umbria.

30 March 2016 Concert at St. Augustine church, Monte San Savino-Tuscany.

1 April 2016 Concert at Mater Admirabilis church, Riccione-Emilia Romagna.

13-14 May 2016 Fribourg: 40th anniversary of St Michel choir: Concert together with the Armenian choir Little Singers of Armenia.

7-8 May 2016 Chiavenna: Concert for the occasion of the Chiavi d’Argento event.

27-31 May 2016: Special invitation to the Little Singers of Armenia.

Concerts together at Collegio Papio church, Ascona and Lugano