Chamber Orchestra of Basel

The Chamber Orchestra of Basel was founded by graduates of various Swiss music academies in 1984. Originally called "Serenata Basel", its name was changed to Kammerorchester Basel in 1999.
The primary focus of the orchestra's work is to bring together music old and new. The orchestra is also active in fostering music appreciation and education.


Klassenzimmerstücke – Episode II – Kinder brauchen Struwelpeter

(Music for the classroom - Episode II - The Children Need Shockheaded Peter)

A concert performed in schools.

Image Kammerorchester 2016


The performance comprises four stories from Shockheaded Peter set to music and performed by four of the orchestra's musicians; each story has its own musical colour, and each character its own leitmotif.

The music not only accentuates the stories but also moves them forward, and the pupils take on an active part in the story. The children perform a small part of the stories, whether singing a refrain, creating sound effects, or making noises as they predict what will happen next.

These roles are rehearsed with the children and explained in a brief introduction given before the performance. After the show, the children have a chance to speak with the musicians.

The Aim

The orchestra members have a passion for getting people excited about music outside of concert halls and facilitating inspiring encounters between young and old, regardless of their social and cultural backgrounds.

Places & Dates

Basel: between November 2016 and July 2017