Chamber Orchestra of Basel

The Chamber Orchestra of Basel was founded by graduates of various Swiss music academies in 1984. Originally called "Serenata Basel", its name was changed to Kammerorchester Basel in 1999.
The primary focus of the orchestra's work is to bring together music old and new. The orchestra is also active in fostering music appreciation and education.


Musical theater.

A concert performed in schools.

Kammerorchester En 2019
Kammerorchester Basel 2019


During the 2018/19 season, the Kammerorchester Basel began collaborating with the “Kirschgarten”High School.

Rehearsals are held over a number of days in the school's Auditorium. All the rehearsals are open to students from chosen classes as well as to individual students.

In addition to this initiative, which provides new ways for musicians to meet and exchange, this year there is another hands-on, musical theater joint project – “Haydn reloaded” – the cornerstone of this kind of training.

The choir, consisting of high school teens between 15 and 19 years of age, is collaborating with the orchestra in order to create its musical scenes.

The Aim

The orchestra members have a passion for getting people excited about music outside of concert halls and facilitating inspiring encounters between young and old, regardless of their social and cultural backgrounds.

Places & Dates

Switzerland – Basel, academic year

2016/17 “Shockheaded Peter – episode II”, Primary School classes

2017/18 “Autotune” and final concert on 26 and 27 June 2018, Middle School classes

2018/19 “Haydn reloaded”, High School classes