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Festival " Novembre Musical des Voirons"

The Festival Novembre Musical des Voirons (FNMV) association was established by the Associazione Promenades Musicales and is managed by volunteers with the aim of organizing music events in the municipalities of Voirons. The association brings together people from Upper Savoy (Bonne-FR) who are passionate about music, and searches for and disseminates information about music events for its members.



Weekly concert events.


The Festival aims to foster an interest in classical music in people who do not live close to large cultural hubs. To this aim, it organizes local concerts and invites prestigious artists to perform.

Free admission to all concerts expresses the spirit of this Festival; its aim is to help as large an audience as possible gain access to music, regardless of a person’s social background.

The Aim

To provide local people with the opportunity to participate in prestigious concerts while promoting an interest in classical music.


Places & Dates

Bonne and neighboring areas, France

8-17 November 2019, the 8th edition of the Festival: 11 concerts.