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MusicEnsemble - Conservatoire de Musique de Genève

The Geneva Conservatory of Music has the mission of bringing music within everyone's reach.


CMG 2022
Andrey Art


Since 2011, the Geneva Conservatory of Music has been running an innovative project: MusicEnsemble, through which orchestral music is taught and social integration is fostered in the towns of Meyrin and Vernier. The project develops in young people and children a spirit of respect, esteem, and self-confidence. 

The music courses are held during the school year for four hours per week. Two concerts and several performances are planned during the school year.

The Aim

The initiative offers young people and children from disadvantaged families the opportunity to learn music by playing in an orchestra.

Places & Dates


Salle Listz, Geneva, 9th December, 2022.