Graubünden Youth Orchestra (J.U.S.I.)
Founded in 2005, JUSI is coordinated and supported by the Graubünden Association of Music and Singing Schools (VSMG).
Claudio Barberi, a pianist and orchestra conductor working primarily in the Engadin and Italy, serves as its artistic director.


The orchestra project welcomes advanced musicians aged 14 to 24.

Participants take part in a week of orchestra music in Brigels/Breil, GR, with a rehearsal weekend in Chur and two final concerts in Thusis and Chur.

Stage J.U.S.I. - 2016

The project offers young musicians from Graubünden the chance to gain experience in an orchestra and breathe in a symphonic atmosphere.

In addition to working on music, participants will have ample opportunity to socialise. JUSI offers young people a unique chance to meet and make friends with peers from the three language areas of the Canton, and from other Cantons as well.

The Aim

JUSI offers young musicians from Graubünden the chance to play in a larger orchestra.

Places & Dates

Orchestra Week in Brigels/Breil 8-16 October 2016

Rehearsal weekend in Chur 3-4 September 2016

2 final concerts: 15 October in Chur – 16 October in Thusis.