Music School of Molazzana

The Music School of Molazzana was founded in 2013 as a collaboration between the Foundation and the Town of Molazzana to support music activities held in schools. The Foundation funded the project and provided it with its own teachers.


Music, instrument practice, and rhythm courses

Orchestra concerts

Music workshop: primary school


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The School offers music instruction to some thirty students.

The courses for primary school children are held in the afternoons with the invaluable cooperation of the staff and teachers at Molazzana's primary school. Courses are also held on Saturday mornings at the school.

The Town of Molazzana has provided the use of another building where older students can take lessons in cello, violin, and clarinet.

The teaching methods draw on the pedagogical principles of the RadiconventoMusica school, and some instructors teach in both music schools.

The Aim

Inspired by the methods adopted in Radicondoli, the music school of Molazzana enables students to take advantage of a rich variety of course offerings in music.

Places & Dates


Year 2017

25 February - Music performance by the students, Church San Bartolomeo, Molazzana

10 June - "Dulcimer Ensemble": Concert performed by the teachers of Music School of Molazzana and RadiconventoMusica, Church of Madonna of Fatima, Sassi (Molazzana)

19-30 June - Intensive Summer Weeks

1 July - End of course performance

December - Music concerts and performances, Castelnuovo di Garfagnana